CH: eProcurement Strategy of the Swiss Confederation

Published on: 25/11/2008
Last update: 26/06/2009

Description (short summary):
The Federal Procurement Commission (FPC) commissioned the eProcurement project coordinator with the preparation of an eProcurement strategy for the Federal Administration, with the purpose of optimising current activities, and of identifying unrealised potential for supporting purchasing using electronic means.

eProcurement is the strategic and operational procurement process supported by ICT. For the implementation of eProcurement, various IT solutions are introduced which have, ideally, been harmonised with each other. These solutions support the procurement procedure between the various actors involved. Moreover, the use of the Internet opens up additional possibilities for keeping the procurement process lean.

In all phases of procurement improvements in efficiency can be achieved. The development of Internet-based technologies makes it possible to use new models for product development and operation, for reducing complexity and for shortening deployment time. The need for secure and clear process procedures inevitably requires sophisticated procedures for checks and approvals. Increasing flexibility in business processes requires agile solutions of comprehensive services while minimizing manpower.

The FPC's mandate consists of four main thrusts/objectives; namely to:

  • reduce costs and raise process efficiency;
  • improve transparency in the provision of services and costs;
  • strengthen competition;
  • improve internal customer relationship management.

The eProcurement strategy is based on the following four fundamental guidelines:

  • supporting procurement concepts that go beyond corporate borders;
  • concentrating on tested solutions and clearly defined target groups;
  • fostering competition and equal and fair treatment of all parties involved;
  • improving economic efficiency.

Tasks to be addressed after the approval of the strategy:

Procurement units define their eProcurement projects and enter them into a central catalogue of projects. For projects extending across domains the required exchange of procurement data (SAP compliant) has to be guaranteed. The FPC steers centralised federal projects, coordinated by the Service for Information Technologies in public procurement. The Service briefs the FPC/KBOB (Federal Coordination Unit for Construction and Property) regularly and proposes initiatives for strengthening eProcurement practices.

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