Contract Management and Catalogue Factory (CMCF)

Published on: 15/01/2008
Central Services Directorate General (CSDG) is a background agency of the Prime Ministers’ Office of the Hungarian Republic. Had been founded by the PMO and owned by state. The ownership is being represented by the minister of PMO. CSDG is in charge to manage and operate the “Centralised Public Procurement System” as central contracting agency to provide valid contract for pre-defined market segments in the name and for the benefits of entities under the control of central government.

Policy Context

National Law for Public Procurement Government Decree for Centralised Public Procurement

Description of target users and groups

Buying institutes under the governance of Central Government.

Description of the way to implement the initiative

The application had been developed in the frame of a research and development procedure. The running operation of the services iis being shared between an external "outsourced" facility manager and the customer service and support provided by internal personel.

Technology solution

The core solution has been built upon MS SQL database, with a application layer above. The "Catalague Factory" modul - intruced pilot phase in late 2007 - is based on ORACLE database and JAVA application layer above. Technology choice: Open source software

Main results, benefits and impacts

Provides procurement category management for the dedicated buying institutes, the online, realtime managibility of huge PUP Framework Agreements together with attached catalogues. Support the completition of ordering procedure enabling e-ordering techniques between buying institutes and suppliers having valid contracts.

Return on investment

Return on investment: €1,000,000-5,000,000

Track record of sharing

The participation and use of the system and services provided is mandatory for the buying institutes under the governance of central government ranging between 800-1,200. Voluntary collaborators also wellcomed in an avarage number of 1,500 - 2,000-

Lessons learnt

- Introduction should be adjusted and harmonised with legal environment. - Training, marketing and support should be planned and managed carefully. - The use of open standards is a must. Scope: National