EU: 2010 Evaluation of the eProcurement Action Plan

Published on: 18/10/2010
Last update: 13/05/2011

Description (short summary):
This evaluation assesses the advances made in the adoption of eProcurement since 2004 and the contribution of the Commission's 2004 'Action Plan for the implementation of the legal framework for electronic public procurement' to that progress. It focuses on pulling together a picture of the current state of play and identifying what has changed while it identifies outstanding challenges and issues which need to be resolved.

Given the fairly short reference period and the absence of detailed, consistent EU-wide data, it has proved difficult to attempt a definitive evaluation at this stage. Ultimately, by responding to three evaluation questions, the report judges the progress made against the expectations of 2004 and the contribution of the Action Plan to this process.

To assist in this process, two external pieces of work were commissioned and provide much of the evidence presented. Information has also been gathered from practical experience and developments, including: visiting and reviewing eProcurement websites and portals, case studies published (particularly on the ePractice website), meetings and discussions of the eProcurement Working Group and the many conferences and seminars organised by practitioners and associations.

Number of pages: 162

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