EU: Study on European Federated Validation Service (EFVS)

Published on: 30/09/2009
Last update: 05/05/2010

Description (short summary):
The European Federated Validation Service (EFVS) Study was initiated by IDABC in order to assess the feasibility of specific measures to ensure the availability of a European scale federated electronic signature verification functionality. As a first step in the EFVS Study, information has been collected on twenty-two existing solutions that already provide all or some of the functionalities associated with European signature verification functionality, or that could provide valuable insights on how such an EFVS could be organised.

This has been done by:

  • Drafting standardised profiles of the identified solutions, focusing specifically on how each of these solutions determine the validity of signature certificates;
  • Verifying electronic signatures created using these certificates;
  • Providing specific guarantees to their customers on the outcomes of these processes.

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