FR: Perceptions of Electronic Procurement - Summary

Published on: 30/10/2007
Last update: 03/06/2011

Description (short summary):
This is the summary of the qualitative survey, which was carried out between 18 July and 1 October 2007 at the request of the French Ministry for the Economy, Finance and Employment. The survey was based on individual interviews on perceptions of the dematerialisation of public procurement (e-procurement), together with the drivers and impediments to its utilisation.

33 individual interviews were conducted: 15 of them with buyers or procurement officers (central and devolved government departments; local authorities; State-owned companies and public bodies) utilising or not utilising e-procedures; 18 with vendors (very small businesses, small and medium-sized businesses, and large firms: managers in charge of replying to invitations to tender, Chief IT Officers, etc.) utilising or not utilising e-procedures.

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