Guidelines on procuring IT solutions

Published on: 27/03/2015
Last update: 08/02/2018

Public services can be implemented faster and more efficiently by re-using already available solutions and by learning from the experiences of other Member States. In addition, using the same solutions and adapting best practices to one's needs often indirectly result in services which are more interoperable and more open. The aim of the ISA action 2.5. “Sharing and re-use Strategy” is thus to develop a holistic approach to help public administrations all over Europe to share and re-use solutions across borders and sectors in an efficient and effective way. In light of the above, the objective of this document is to assemble within one single access point the most important recommendations that have so far been put forward by the European Commission to help public administrations to procure solutions with a potential for sharing and re-use. These guidelines enlist best practices that can be used during the public procurement process from the pre-award to the evaluation phase. Recommendations related to the post-award phase, for example practices related to the release of the procured solutions, fall outside the scope of this document.


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