IT: Electronic Invoicing as a ‘keystone’ in the collaboration between companies, banks and PA

Published on: 13/05/2008
Last update: 24/02/2009
This is the second report from the Politechnico di Milano School of Management's Observatory on Electronic Invoicing and Dematerialisation. A particular feature of this edition is the large number of partners and sponsors of different background, from association in the banking sector and technology providers to system integrators and IT consultants. There are two new elements in this edition: - The presentation of a complete classification of the main model of electronic invoicing and, in general, of the integration and dematerialisation of the trade process. An analysis of the profitability of electronic invoicing projects for each of the models identified and for the various levels of financial activity. - The study involved more than 200 companies, 90 case studies in user companies, 50 studies among electronic invoicing solution and service providers. Number of pages: 132

Nature of documentation: Independent reports and studies


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