IT: Report on eProcurement within Public Administration

Published on: 28/09/2007
Last update: 03/10/2007

Italian Observatory on eProcurement within Public Administration

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This study was conducted in 2006 and 2007 by the Italian Observatory on eProcurement within Public Administration, an entity of the School of Management of Milan. This document is the second annual report on eProcurement produced by the Observatory.

Based approximately on 150 case studies of public authorities, their suppliers and technological solutions providers, the report addresses the spreading of eProcurement applications in the Italian public administration. In particular, the Observatory searched to:

  • Quantify the purchased volumes generated by the use of eProcurement tools by public bodies, and analyse their main dynamics;
  • To delve deeper into the role of the dynamics that spread the various tools (eTendering and eAuctioning, eCatalogues and marketplace) with regard to the involved processes, technologies, and make or buy options;
  • Cover the benefits – reached and achieved - and the needs to be fulfilled while highlighting best practices and lessons learnt.

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