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Platform ELFA (platform elfa)

Published on: 08/10/2008 Document Archived
Platform ELFA is a Factuurwijzer initiative that supports the awareness, adoption and implementation of electronic invoicing and automated invoice processing. To achieve a higher adoption level within society, this network of Billing Service Providers, banks, users, government and other organisations united their strengths and qualities to create a synergy of knowledge. Meetings are set up regularly Recently, Platform opened a new website based on 2.0 instruments such as a web log, a Linked-IN group, online brochures, a newsletter and an online forum (in operation soon). The website will be a central landing field for the latest news, questions, opinions and discussions about e-invoicing. The main goal is to - on the one hand - bring together offer and demand, and on the other hand knowledge and ignorance. This way it will be possible to enable the awareness about the advantages and positive outcome of adopting electronic invoicing grow as fast as possible.

Description of target users and groups

Any person, company or organisation interested in the possibilities and advantages of electronic invoicing and automated invoice processing is welcome to join Platform ELFA or let his/her voice be heard on the website.

Description of the way to implement the initiative

The implementation of the platform was announced during the second Conference for Eelectronic Invoicing and Payment in November 2006. The management and daily procedures such as the website and administration are executed by Factuurwijzer office employees. Several times per year, meetings are organised for Platform ELFA members, who are also updated regularly about the latest developments.

Main results, benefits and impacts

Platform ELFA has a very strong and growing base as it consists of a great deal of leading parties in the Dutch e-invoicing field and related organisations. As the instruments used by the platform (news portal, website, Linked-IN group, weblog, brochures, forum) are modern and easy to use, and have promising characteristics to increase a wide-spread awareness within society.

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Lessons learnt

Platform ELFA offers knowledge and facts about e-invoicing All Platform ELFA actions support awareness for e-invoicing Platform ELFA offers possibilities and a network for anyone interested in the subject Scope: National