UK: Collaborative Procurement - Why It Matters

Published on: 28/01/2010
Last update: 03/02/2010

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"The public sector has the potential to become an extremely powerful purchaser, with over £175 billion [approx. €200 billion] spent on external goods and services in 2007-08."
HM Treasury, Operational Efficiency Programme - Collaborative Procurement 2009

The Operational Efficiency Programme identified savings of £6.1 billion [approx. €7 billion] that can be achieved by 2013-14 through collaborative procurement.

  • How can Government bodies work together to make these savings?
  • Should organisations only collaborate with others in their 'family' or sector or should they seek to collaborate with the wider Public Sector?
  • What are the key things that make proper collaboration happen?

This piece talks about what Government needs to do next if it is to collaborate successfully. Procurement has to demonstrate that it is able to influence 100 % of its organisation's spend. If it can't then there is little chance of procurement being seen as relevant in the future or of it being able to drive value from over £200 billion [approx. €228 billion] worth of third party spend.

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