UK: The Forward Plan for e-auctions

Published on: 16/03/2010
Last update: 13/08/2010

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E-auctions are a procurement tool with a proven track record of delivering significant savings during the purchase of commodity goods and services. E-auctions have been used across the public sector for over five years; savings vary but are frequently in excess of 10 % and have been reliably measured at up to 50 % against pre-auction prices. In order to maximise the cash savings that can be achieved, more public sector organisations need to work together on common specifications to make greater use of e-auctions. The Centre for e-Auctions has been set up to encourage more participation and to help implement e-auctions and develop capability by providing advice, guidance and support.

This Forward Plan, which will develop over time, is a schedule of e-auctions that provides the basis for increased collaboration on the procurements. The estimated total value of the e-auctions identified in this Forward Plan is £900 million (approx. €1.1 billion) and, subject to market conditions, could deliver overall savings of around £270 million (approx. €329 million) for the participants, based on a possible 30 % saving.

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