UK: Implementing eTendering guidance

Published on: 24/03/2010
Last update: 13/08/2010

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This document sets out some of the benefits which can be achieved for both contracting authorities and suppliers from the effective use of electronic tendering (e-tendering) in public procurement. It also offers guidance on implementing e-tendering solutions.

The government e-procurement policy, published by OGC in October 2009 discusses benefits to be achieved from the use of e-procurement. E-tendering is one element of electronic procurement, and this e-tendering guidance builds on and supplements that policy document.

This guidance also supports the Access for All programme, which was set up to implement the recommendations in the Glover Committee report Accelerating the SME Economic Engine: through transparent, simple and strategic procurement, published in November 2008. The Glover Committee review was established to inquire into the barriers small firms face in competing for public sector contracts and to make recommendations on the necessary action to reduce these barriers. The Glover Committee report recommended the use of e-tendering by public procurers as a means of reducing barriers to SMEs.

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