2nd announcement - European C…

2nd announcement - European Conference on e-Public Procurement

Published on: 17/10/2012

The organization of the 1st European Conference on e-Public Procurement is progressing very well.

Why a Conference on e-public procurement?

More than 17% of European GDP is due to public procurement and hence priority should be given to improve adopted practices and achieve results with the objective of meeting the new challenges of financial stability and sustainable growth of the European Union.

Fortunately, e-public procurement can play a strategic role:

a)    to generate public savings through improved sourcing and more effective competition between suppliers;

b)    to increase transparency and fair decision making to award public contracts;

c)     to help SMEs to participate in public markets;

d)    to stimulate innovation and the development of e-marketplaces;

e)    to promote a low-carbon society and more sustainable growth.

City/Location: Barcelona