Mustangproject prepares for European "EN16931" Standard on e-invoicing

Published on: 02/02/2018

Mustangproject implements an open-source implementation of ZUGFeRD 2.0 (public preview), a franco-german e-invoicing standard which will support  directive 2014/44/EU on e-invoicing.

Both ZUGFeRD 2.0 and Mustangproject are therefore on their way to support the European Standard on e-invoicing EN16931 released by the CEN to facilitate directive 2014/44/EU.

The directive, standard and implementations will make the acceptance of compliant electronic invoices mandatory for EU and national institutions as of end 2018 and require suppliers to submit according electronic invoices by 2020-11-27.

Mustangproject 1.5 now already supports the amendments and new profiles owed to the franco-german cooperation between "Forum elekronische Rechnung Deutschland" (FeRD) and "Forum National de la Facture Electronique" (FNFE) which culminated in a common standard "Factur-X" and additionally supports the publicly reviewed version of the EN16931 profile ("part 1").

Additionally several bugs were fixed and the integrated ZUGFeRD tool has been enhanced. It now e.g. also allows as the migration of ZUGFeRD 1.0 XML to the current ZUGFeRD 2.0 (public review version).

For further details please refer to the changelog.

Contributions are always appreciated, in this case constructive criticism of the according ZUGFeRD 2.0 "public review" sample file is particular welcome.

Mustangproject 1.5 is available from http://www.mustangproject.org since 2017-11-30.

About Mustangproject:
Mustangproject is a open source Java-ZUGFeRD library and toolkit which can be used for free in both commercial and non-commercial projects.

About ZUGFeRD/Factur-X
ZUGFeRD is a metadata standard for PDF invoices. ZUGFeRD invoices are PDF files which additionally include machine readable data like amount, bank details or tax rates. Typical use cases for these "hybrid" (=human and machine readable) invoices include

  • Easier payment: A ZUGFeRD file can be paid without having to manually copy/paste bank details and amount.
  • Procure to pay: ZUGFeRD invoices can automatically be matched to orders, in which case the invoice can be paid and booked automatically.
  • Scan: several scan service providers offer not only OCR but also ZUGFeRD-data on scanned invoices.
  • Supply chain management: some organisations actively ask their suppliers for ZUGFeRD invoices for easier processing.

Further information on ZUGFeRD/Factur-X can be obtained from http://www.ferd-net.de/front_content.php?idcat=0&idart=0&client=4&lang=4