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E-invoicing for Public Admini…

E-invoicing for Public Administration

Published on: 27/05/2014

LAit SpA, the ICT in house Company of the Lazio Region, developed a system for electronic invoicing for Public Administration, small and medium enterprises.

The regional in house Company for Technological Innovation has released its own software in Open Source EUPL license, freely available to all users, with the support of the Digital Agenda in Italy (AGID), that has been included in the national catalog of reusable programs (ID 66).

From June 6th, 2014, all the suppliers of Public Administration will be obliged to electronically bill.

Moreover, this successful initiative has also been submitted to operators on the occasion of the Confindustria Conference in May 2014, and it has  been called as successful “best practice”.
It is possible to freely download “the application” from the LAit website in the “Download” section.

The application, called “Modulo di fatturazione attiva”, realized ​​by LAit on behalf of the Lazio Region, has the aim to provide a technical support to the Companies in forwarding electronical invoices towards the Central Public Administration, as required by the DM 55/13.

What is proposed is an evolution of "Sistema Pagamenti" application, born in 2009 to keep under control the centralized payment of the Lazio Regional Healthcare System suppliers, which provides the digitization process and the monitoring of the whole process – starting from the emission of order up to the payment of final invoices.

The Chief Executive of LAit SpA, Francescomaria Loriga, said “Agid has been very interested in this innovative and successful application and this is a confirmation of the high technological and innovative capacity and professionalism that LAit and Lazio Region show to promote the use of ICT tools, in order to provide better public services to Public Administration, including electronic invoicing.

It is also important to emphasize that this application was released in Open Source EUPL license, allowing everybody to use it, change it, develop it without any limitation, only preserving his main original features.

Some of the most important features of this application are: acquiring invoicing information and be able to invoice in accordance with the standard specified in the MD 55/2013.

The files originated, according to the standards of FatturaPA, will be forwarded to the SDI (Exchange System); its integration with ERP systems from which the invoices come from; its possibility to be integrated with the SDI system of Agenzia delle Entrate which has the function to promote dispatching of the invoices to the PA.


City/Location: Rome