ES: Two surveys launched to c…

ES: Two surveys launched to collect indicators on Open Source in Spain

Published on: 06/07/2011

On 31 May 2011, the National Open Source Observatory (Onfsa) of Spain's National Reference Centre for the promotion and dissemination of open source-based ICT (Cenatic) set up the first-ever database of quantitative data for collecting, analysing and disseminating information on open source software in Spain. Two surveys were launched that will provide data relating to Central Government and IT services companies, to further populate the database.

The indicators have been made available at; they will provide useful and detailed information on the current situation of the open source software market, from the point of view of both the supply side (providers of IT services) and the demand side (Central and Local Government as well as businesses or citizens).

The information will be obtained directly, through surveys conducted by Onfsa among different actors concerned with open source software in Spain such as IT sector companies (operating within and outside the field of open source software), the Central State Administration and citizens. To supplement this information will be a collection of indicators taken from various additional sources - the National Statistics Institute, the Ministry of the Presidency, the National Institute of Communication Technologies (Inteco) and the National Observatory for Telecommunications and the Information Society (Ontsi) of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

On 26 May 2011, the data collection phase was initiated with the launch of the first two surveys:

  • The 2011 Survey on Open Source Software in Central Government (Esfa-Age) - It is intended to know the level of use of open source software in Central Government as well as their practice and policy forecasts as to the public procurement of software, the release and reuse of applications, and to identify the barriers to the adoption of such technology by Central Government authorities. In order to obtain this information, over 100 IT units will be surveyed in Central Ministries and Autonomous Bodies/State Agencies placed under the authority of ministry departments.
  • The 2011 Survey in the Spanish IT sector (Efsa-TI) - It is aimed at collecting data on the characteristics of Spanish IT businesses in their relationship with open source software in terms of: business models,  annual turnover, product types, customers, employment generated, training and certification, views regarding open source software and future plans of involvement in this sector. To such end, the survey will be carried out in over 1 800 IT services companies operating in data processing, hosting, web portals and related activities, software development and editing, consultancy and other IT activities, etc.

Onsfa expects to publish the results of both surveys in December 2012 in a document entitled 'Open Source Software in numbers' (El Software Libre en Cifras, in Spanish). The entire data, methodology and questionnaires will be made available to the research community and the general public, so as to promote free access to information and facilitate the exploitation of information on open source software. 

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