ES: University of the Basque…

ES: University of the Basque Country adopts eProcurement

Published on: 13/02/2012

The Department has implemented a File Manager (Gestor de Expedientes, in Spanish) and it now has a buyer profile on the public procurement platform of the Basque Country (Public Procurement in Euskadi). The University is thus showing its commitment to conducting procurement by electronic means, which is commonly acknowledged as a means to modernise public administration and to boost economic activity. 

By no longer relying on paper as a key element of the public procurement process, the University has started embracing change in the way it operates while complying with the recommendations of both EU Institutions and study institutes specialised in administrative modernisation, as well as national legislation (Law on Citizens' Electronic Access to Public Services, Public Procurement Act, etc). 

The participation of the University of the Basque Country in the regional eProcurement system is expected to support significantly the adoption of new technologies by bidding companies. This, in turn, will enhance cost efficiency on both sides.


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