France reports reduction of p…

France reports reduction of procurement paperwork

Published on: 01/06/2015

France is reducing the paperwork burden for companies responding to public tenders, the country’s Government Modernisation Portal reports in April. “One year after the launch of Marché public simplifié (Simplified Public Procurement), already 1200 consultations and 1800 applications have been submitted.”

France’s MPS makes it a little easier for companies to respond to a public tender. Instead of entering their company details, they can use their so-called SIRET number, a French administrative number of 14 digits identifying French companies and institutions.

France hopes the use of MPS will increase the number of small and medium-sized businesses that bid for government contracts. The country aims to complete some 50,000 such procedures by the end of 2016.

On 16 April, the Government Modernisation Portal published a series of graphics, illustrating the results of its MPS project so far.

Dites-le-nous une fois

MPS is one of two French Dites-le-nous une fois (Share your information once) projects that aim to reduce the administrative burden on companies. The other project - APS (Aide Publique Simplifiée) makes it easier for companies to apply for government loans and grants.

Scaling up MPS from its April 2014 pilot is a challenge writes Philippe Vrignaud, the deputy director for the project, adding that meeting this challenge requires “mobilising all government services and procuring authorities.”


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