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SE: Administrative Services Agency to provide eOrdering services as of spring 2012

SE: Administrative Services A…

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Published on: 13/02/2012 News Archived

One of the objectives laid down in the Strategy for the work of the Public Agencies in the field of eGovernment (2009 -2014) is for the State administration to manage their purchases by electronic means by the end of 2013.  

eOrdering covers the preparation and issuing of an electronic order by the contracting authority and its acceptance by the contractor. The aim of eOrdering is to support the routine purchase of goods and services, so to achieve cost savings, improved quality and increased compliance. Public authorities already handle their invoices by electronic means, and the introduction of eOrders is the next development step.  

The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency provides related services. Currently, almost 80 government authorities are using its eInvoicing service. Many of these will be introducing eOrders as early as in spring 2012. For agencies with less than 50 employees, this will occur during 2013, the Agency announced.


Background information 

The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency coordinates the procurement of framework contracts concerning products and services for the entire public sector in the field of ICT. It has furthermore been mandated by the Government to explore and develop ways of improving the use of eProcurement in the public sector.  

One hundred suppliers have approximately 80 framework contracts with the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency and about 1000 retailers are tied to these framework contracts. The purpose of this is to make financial savings through simpler administrative procedures, better terms and lower prices within the IT sector, as well as guaranteeing sound competitive terms in this market.


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