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The Local Government Navigation List (LGNL) represents a user friendly browse navigation structure in order to give public access to services on a Local Authority Web site. It is a Poly Hierarchical Navigation System (PHS) which means that it has one term to many LGSLs and has different levels to allow a drill down operation to be performed. Therefore services may appear more than once under different headings as citizens don’t all think the same way and may associate services under different heading titles. Use - To define a standardised navigation for Council web sites so that Citizens can move from one council website to another and find what they are looking for under familiar headings. It uses unique numeric identifiers for each hierarchical title heading. It is designed as a “Front Facing” List and has undergone user testing. It is only one way into a Council website and other forms of navigation are also recommended such as Life Events, A-Z and search options.

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Bristoml City Council
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