DIGIT at ApacheCon

Director Digital Business Solutions to kick off ApacheCon Europe in Berlin

Published on: 16/10/2019

Thomas Gageik ApacheCon Thomas Gageik, Director Digital Business Solutions at the European Commission's Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT) will give a keynote presentation on the use of open source software at the European Commission at the ApacheCon in Berlin on 23 October. The conference is the major annual European gathering of all developers involved in the Apache software ecosystem.

On the same day at the same conference, colleagues Marek Przybyszewski and Saranjit Arora, from DIGIT B3, will talk about lessons learned from the EU-FOSSA 2 project in another session.

The European Commission, a long-time user of open source software, is strengthening its relationship with the Apache Foundation. At the Hackathon in May, the Commission brought together more than 30 developers involved in six different Apache projects. Attendees came from Croatia, Ireland, Poland and Romania, and even from Russia and the United States. At the meeting, many developers met in person for the first time. The hackathon helped the project members build connections and strengthen bonds.

Strong ties

For the European Commission, hackathons are a great way to support open source development teams whose productions they use themselves. Likewise, to strengthen ties between their developers and these communities, and together improve the open source ecosystem at the EU.

Last spring, two hackathons were organised in Brussels as part of the EU-FOSSA 2 project. The first one in April brought together more than 60 developers from the Symfony community, mostly from Europe but also from Cuba, Morocco and Russia. The second one was the Apache hackathon in May. A third, targeting internal open source projects at the European institutions, also took place in Brussels during the first weekend of October.

With its strong presence at ApacheCon Europe, the EU is building on and extending its relationship with the Apache community.

Be there!

You can find more information on the two sessions presented on 23 October at ApacheCon here.

For more information about the EU-FOSSA 2 project, please visit its website.