EuroVoc freely available via…

EuroVoc freely available via the EU Open Data Portal

Published on: 31/03/2014
Last update: 27/01/2020

EuroVoc, the EU's multilingual thesaurus, was recently made directly downloadable from the EU Open Data Portal. 

In the past, EuroVoc was already available under an open licence. However, to download the EuroVoc thesaurus in SKOS/XML format, one still needed to register online to obtain a licence. Today, a licence is granted without prior registration, making the EuroVoc SKOS/XML format freely downloadable by all. This change is confom to the reuse policy implemented under the European Commission decision 2011/833/EU. By removing the oblibation of registration, the EU removes another barrier to the reuse of the EuroVoc thesaurus in third-party applications. 

You can download your copy of EuroVoc now via the following website: