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Transport: Car registration network a frontrunner in information sharing

Published on: 24/10/2008

EUCARIS, the European Car and Driving Licence Information System and winner of the 2008 iG 2.0 award, has joined SEMIC.EU as a partner project.

Starting from a base of five countries, the system has evolved into a pan-European one which has recently become a part of the European legal framework.

All participating countries are represented by short profiles on the EUCARIS website.

Interoperability of systems and information is essential for EUCARIS as it does not rely on a single data base. Instead, it makes national registries accessible from across the borders. This approach must take into account fundamental national differences like the questions whether a licence is given to the vehicle or the person etc.

Clearly, multilingualism plays a major role in the project as does its secure 'core' application which processes pan-European queries and their results.

EUCARIS champions 'peer-to-peer' communication, meaning that all countries communicate directly to one another, without any central component. Both synchronous (interactive) and asynchronous (batch) communication are supported.

The cooperation between SEMIC.EU and EUCARIS was initiated during the ESIIG 2 Summit in Rome.

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