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Certain situations require that the classification of a substance is harmonised and made obligatory at Community level to ensure an adequate risk management throughout the European Community. This could happen in three situations:

  • Where the substance is either carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic for reproduction or a respiratory sensitiser.
  • When the substance is an active substance in biocidal or plant protection products.
  • When it is justified that a classification at EU level is needed.

Member States, manufacturers, importers and downstream users may propose the classification and labelling of a substance to be harmonised across the European Union.

The intention to prepare a harmonised classification and labelling proposal is made public on the registry of intentions to allow interested parties to prepare their contribution to the process.

The ECHA Classification and Labelling Inventory is available at

The harmonised classification dossier includes information on the manufacture and uses of the substances, its hazards and a justification that action is needed at Community level. The report must contain sufficient information to make an independent assessment of various physical, toxicological and ecotoxicological hazards based on the information presented.


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Last update: 23/10/2019

Guidance on the preparation of dossiers for harmonised classification and labelling

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