An ad hoc working table to wr…

An ad hoc working table to write the new evaluation criteria for acquiring software in public sector in Italy (OSS, reuse of software internally developed, cloud computing, proprietary solution)

Published on: 27/12/2012


The Italian Agency for the Digitalization of Public Sector («Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale») is going to write the criteria for comparative evaluation according to the Art. 68 Italian «Digital Administration» Code (modified by Art. 22.10, Law Decree No. 83/2012, converted into Law No. 134/2012 and, more recently, by Art. 9 bis, Law Decree No. 179/2012, converted into Law No. 221/2012, dated 17.12.2012, published in Italian Official Gazette 18.12.2012, Supplement Ordinary No. 208).


In fact, the new version of the above mentioned Art. 68 gives priority to open-source software or to the software already developed internally to public administrations, instead of proprietary solutions, and now explicitly includes (into the list of solutions to be evaluated by public administrations) the software that can be used by means of cloud computing solutions.


Nevertheless, when the results of technical and economic evaluation demonstrates that it's impossible to get open-source software or to reuse internally developed solutions at a lower price than a proprietary solution (and other criteria: see Art. 68, par. 1-bis), public administrations can obtain this last solution only according to evaluation criteria provided by the «Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale» (the Italian Agency for the Digitalization of Public Sector), according to Art. 68, par. 1-ter.


Well, the Agency is now writing these criteria and has opened a call for experts and interested people that have a role in ICT market (or IT market), with the aim of establishing an ad hoc working table (between Jennuary and April 2013).


City/Location: Italy