Associating 15 countries for better data policies

A look on RePol, the Repository Policy Generator

Published on: 26/02/2021

A repository or content store is a database of digital content with an associated set of data management, search and access methods allowing applications or users access to the stored content.

These methods must be defined and documented in a policy that should (in addition to technical issues of format, size, etc.) address the general attributes of data that may be deposited, the different levels of access the repository can provide, and any pertinent legal and ethical issues, including personal data rules and protection.

A trustworthy repository should have a transparent (published and comprehensive) policy, informing users (human or machines/applications) about the roles, responsibilities, rights and procedures aimed at ensuring that deposited data are preserved and disseminated when applicable in line with fair principles and with applicable regulations.

The RePol developed tool, licensed under the EUPL-1.2 or later will help repository owners in the creation of these policies. RePol associates 22 partners from 15 countries (mainly all countries of the Balkans, plus Armenia and Georgia).

The goals of RePol are:

  • Providing simple choice-based creation of repository policies
  • Facilitate policy updates to reflect new choices
  • Provide easy to edit templates to reflect new expectations and conventions
  • Ability to split data into several forms, to create several documents from the same data and to create XML and JSON files with data and choices
  • Providing and ensuring data privacy

More information and references: 17 february 2021 presentation