Call for papers for the next…

Call for papers for the next EOLE event: considering open source in cloud strategies. Brussels, 6 December 2013.

Published on: 07/09/2013

Cloud computing presents itself as the ineluctable near future of IT. It is reshaping the whole IT business and has a great impact on FOSS use and exploitation as well.


Cloud computing raises many complex legal issues. Some of these issues could have more or less impacts on configurations encompassing open source software or infrastructures. Furthermore, a new generation of open source licenses has been created so as to cover the exploitation of FOSS in the cloud.


It is therefore time to analyze the impact of the cloud on free & open source software and its legal consequences, in terms of licensing and compliance.


Among other topics, EOLE2013 aims to cover the following questions:

  • Is the last generation of FOSS licences "Cloud proof"?

  • The notion of derivative work in the cloud?

  • Which triggers and scopes are suitable for the cloud?

  • What issues arise when creating "badgeware licenses"?

  • The effect of FOSS licences on the "Stack" if any.

  • FOSS in cloud contracts?

  • Escrow and FOSS?

  • Combining FOSS Software and Cloud functionalities.

  • FOSS mobile operating systems and the cloud, which models?

  • Software patents in the cloud: unexpected effects?

As every year, the selection of a majority of the speakers will be done on basis of a call for papers that started on 17th June 2013 and will end on 18th October 2013. The papers should be max. 500 words long and describe briefly the presentation and its relevance with the objectives and the topic of this year (summarized above).

Feel free to add any other information or suggestion in the comments part of the webform (some area are mandatory).


City/Location: Brussels