Coordinating Radio Stations

A Czech Republic solution distributed under EUPL-1.2

Published on: 24/02/2022
Last update: 14/04/2022

As reported by Ms Alexandra Molitorisova, Legal and regulatory officer at the CTU, the Czech public administration - the Czech Telecommunication Office ( has published on GitLab their new solution for coordinating radio station bands:

The solution concerns an online portal ( in which users of frequencies in the bands 57-66 GHz band, 5,8 GHz and 5,2 GHz must register fixed outdoor radio Stations (MGWS point-to-point, MGWS point-to-multipoint, and Fixed Service links), and RLANs in the 5,2 and 5,8 GHz band. The stations are subsequently coordinated and published to enable shared use of the bands and efficient spectrum management. The portal is designed to enable users to communicate with one another and coordinate steps by optimally planning configurations and managing their newly installed stations. Users can choose geographical locations of their stations and specify antenna specifications. The solution, including the coordination algorithms are now published as open source code using the European Union Public Licence 1.2.