German e-ID software released…

German e-ID software released under EUPL

Published on: 06/07/2017

New release AusweisApp2: the Federal Republic of Germany software for online identification is provided open source and the code is released under the EUPL.

Since July, 3., the source code for AusweisApp2 is available on the online platform platform Github (for software development projects with version management - The source code is provided under the EUPL license: users can receive, copy, and further develop the original source code, optimize the program, and make it available to the community again.

  The Federal Government of Germany has changed the license for AusweisApp2 in order to enable, for example, the provision of an eID client for non-officially supported operating systems. It is now also possible to use the Citizen Terminal and to make an indepth integration of the available eID function into your own applications. Thanks to the EUPL release, appropriate changes made by the community of users could then be taken over for the official development and integrated into the federally certified  AusweisApp2 software.   "The electronic ID card provides the best prerequisites for the secure use of online services and contributes to the creation of secure digitalization. AusweisApp2 provides users with a software for the use of the ID card, which can now be adapted to specific application scenarios and thus increase the possibilities of using the ID for personal identification on the Internet" explains the BSI President Arne Schönbohm.   More information: Pressnews… Kommune21.DE e-ID-Function