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AlekSIS, the Free School Information System

Published on: 16/11/2020
Last update: 19/11/2020

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the utility of school management systems, facilitating communication between distant students and teachers, as well as transparency of the educational relationship for all stakeholders, including parents.

The Lübeck Katharineum school, which is there the oldest “gymnasium” (established in 1531) has implemented the new AlekSIS open source system.

Presented for the first time to a large audience during the  FOSDEM 2020, and licensed under the EUPL-1.2, AlekSIS is a web-based school information system (SIS) which can be used to manage and/or publish organisational subjects of educational institutions.

The bundled applications provide a rich set of functionality for a wide range of aspects in schools, like managing students and teachers, timetables and substitutions, class registers, personal notes, homework and assignments, and a lot more. Apps are being added regularly to extend the feature set of AlekSIS.

Under the hood, AlekSIS is a complete framework for app development, allowing everyone to add their own functionality, for example for processes specific to their own school. While being a professional product for schools, AlekSIS also aims at being easy to learn and to be usable in education itself, by providing the tools needed to create apps together with students.

AlekSIS fits for schools that are looking for a robust and feature-rich foundation for their information management needs, a tool for maximisng transparency towards parents, students and staff, and also want to ensure easy customisation to make the software fulfill their needs.

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