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Priority to Open Source in the Italian Code for Digital Administration

Published on: 27/08/2012


As reported by professor Fabio Bravo (University of Bologna) on the website, the Italian “Code for a Digital Administration” (CAD for Codice dell Amministrazione Digitale)  has strongly reinforced the obligation to consider open source solutions.

Law n° 134 of 7 August 2012 has modified Article 68 CAD.
Until to 11th August 2012, the public sector could select between 5 options:

a)      Develop a solution internally
b)      Reuse a solution developed internally
c)       Obtain a proprietary licence of use
d)      Obtain an open source licence
e)      A combination of the above

As from the 12th August 2012, the rule is that option c) above is not allowed anymore by default: “free or open source software” is the new option c).

A new provision moderates the vanishing of the proprietary option:
Only when a technical and economical analysis demonstrates that it is not possible to obtain at a lower price an open source solution or to reuse a solution developed internally, then it is allowed to purchase a proprietary licence of use.
The technical and economical assessment criteria are defined by the Agency for Digital Italy, which may communicate advice at the stakeholders’ request.

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Thu, 27/12/2012 - 13:03

 The above mentioned Art. 68 CAD (Italian «Digital Administration» Code) has been recently modified by Art. 9 bis, Law Decree No. 179/2012, converted into Law No. 221/2012, dated 17.12.2012 (published in Italian Official Gazette 18.12.2012, Supplement Ordinary No. 208).


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