Public Consultation on the dr…

Public Consultation on the draft EUPL v 1.2 has been fruitful!

Published on: 20/03/2013

EUPL v 1.2 public consultation ended.

The draft EUPL v 1.2 was submitted to public consultation from mid December 2012 to mid March 2013. 20 messages or contributions were published, leading to effective improvements and updates of the Working Paper (March 15). The EUPL was also commented on multiple external sites, likes LWN. These comments were interesting, even when not leading to concrete changes.

What is changed / improved?

  • Better wording: EUPL v1.2 provisions are about “the Work” (where previous version uses three forms: “Work”, “Work or software” and sometimes “software” only). The Lisbon Treaty (in force on 1/12/2009) has changed official denominations.
  • Section on additional agreements is simplified to cover a larger scope. 
  • Section on jurisdiction and applicable law reserves the possibility to appoint a specific jurisdiction, in case this is accepted by both parties; the Court of Justice has now jurisdiction for all EU institutions according to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. 
  • The Annexe (main modification) increases downstream interoperability with more compatible licences: GPL v3, AGPL v3, LGPL, MPL v2.

What are the next steps?

  • The 15 March draft was submitted to comments from OSI licence reviewers.
  • The European Commission will prepare all linguistic versions (that have the same working value), control quality and launch the internal approval process.
  • The publication (all versions, guidelines) is scheduled in June 2013.

City/Location: Brissels