Slovakia licenses under EUPL

Návody.Digital proposes a Global Portal for the Slovak Administration

Published on: 07/04/2021
Last update: 17/10/2021

Licensed on GitHub under the EUPL-1.2 the portal Návody.Digital covers most life situations in Slovakia: health (and COVID-19), family, construction, taxation, employment, residence, wedding, mobility etc.

The portal is not a goverment official site, but a project from NGO that wants to show how a goverment central site could look like. The aim of the portal is to deliver electronic government services to all, at no or small legal cost, through comprehensive menu-driven selection, based on the various real life situations.

The approach is based on government users’ real experience, needing rapid results without red tape, without the obligation to move to face-to face meeting, with the risk of being lost in multiple services located at different places.

This approach has found some inspiration in the United Kingdom ( by providing a single entry point to most key services.

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