Spain Standardisation

Standardisation in progress with INSIDE (Spain)

Published on: 04/02/2019

Spain publishes the first versions of two of the components of the CSV Suite, included under the INSIDE system umbrella, both under EUPL licence, on the Portal of Electronic Administration (Portal de la Administración Electrónica).

INSIDE is a system for the management of electronic documents and records that meets the requirements that both can be stored and / or obtained according to the ENI, the scheme that establishes the basic rules for the exchange and storage of documents and electronic files.

The two components of the published CSV suite are:

  • Distributable CSV Storage package (v.1.2.3).
  • Distributable package of each of Eeutils / CSV Creator modules (v.4.2.0)

CSV Storage is the component that allows the storage of documents in PDF format with CSV or in ENI format. These documents are accompanied by the necessary meta-data for their management and storage.

Eeutils (CSV Creator) is the component that groups together various functionalities related to the generation of CSV and management of signatures and reports. Eeutils is divided into five modules:

  • Eeutil-Util-Signature. It allows generating CSVs and signature justifications, as well as validating hash.
  • Eeutil-Signature. This module allows signing on server.
  • Eeutil-Oper-Signature. This module allows to validate signatures and certificates, obtain information of the signatures and certificates, check or convert to long-term signatures and reseal of signatures.
  • Eeutil-Vis-Docexp. Allows viewing any document in PDF.
  • Eeutil-Misc. This module allows the conversion of documents to other formats as well as validate files and ENI documents.

This software facilitates standardizing document repositories, makes them interoperable and compliant with the requirements to be considered as trustworthy repositories.

In addition, it allows compatibility with other systems offered by the SGAD without the need to use cloud resources.

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