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Survey-The Future of the Open Source Observatory (OSOR)

Published on: 14/02/2019
Last update: 05/04/2019

The European Commission is conducting a study to define the new vision and strategy of OSOR.

To contribute to this study, we are currently launching an online survey to collect views and opinions from the open source software community.

The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete. Its results will contribute to the ongoing study, mandated by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Informatics, Interoperability Unit, that will define a new vision and strategy for OSOR to better support public administrations in the use of open source software.

By participating in this survey, you make your voice heard and help shape the future of OSOR so it will better cater to your needs. 

We invite you to complete the survey by the 22nd of February.


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About OSOR

OSOR is an initiative launched by the European Commission and currently funded by the ISA2 programme, to support the distribution and re-use of software developed by or for public sector administrations across Europe, connecting EU services and the Member States. The OSOR Collection allows the open source community to access the best practices on Open Source Software (OSS), find reusable solutions, discover events and explore in-depth case studies. In addition, as part of the OSOR project, the European Commission provides services related to software licencing through the European Union Public Licence (EUPL) Collection.


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