The European Committee for Standardization

Published on: 16/10/2009

It is often considered axiomatic that eGovernment will be a major cost saver for governments across Europe as well as a key competitive factor. Less obvious is how existing eGovernment resources ? services, documentation, standards, processes etc. ? can be used and reused with maximum benefit for the common good, particularly across politico-administrative boundaries. Discovery of and access to services is often difficult, however. CEN helps to facilitate the widespread access to and reuse of eGovernment resources by:

1. Specifying a a minimal, yet expressive standardized metadata schema for their description
2. Defining a notification protocol for the exchange of these metadata schemata
3. Enabeling easily easily accessible administrative terminology for use in these descriptions
4. Enhancing of awareness of cultural diversity issues including users' language skills and other semiotic faculties.

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