New version of EIRA (v1.1.1)…

New version of EIRA (v1.1.1) has been released!

Published on: 30/09/2016
Last update: 04/10/2017

We are pleased to announce the newest release of EIRA version 1.1.1. As part of the change management of EIRA, the EIA team has treated several change requests and suggestion for improvements.

The new release of EIRA version 1.1.1 includes the following:

1.    EIRA is now also released as a Controlled Vocabulary and the SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) is added to the release.

2.    There are multiple modifications of the model:

  • Added Interoperability specification attributes to record the interoperability assessment results;
  • Added GovIS2 ID attribute. GovIS2 is an internal EC portfolio management solution[1];
  • Changed relation between Public Policy Formulation and Implementation Instrument, which is now "is realised by";
  • Completed documentation of “assign” relations;
  • Added Trans-European systems (TES) attributes in accordance with ‘Action 2.14 - Assessment of Trans-European solutions (TES) supporting EU policies’ of the ISA Programme;
  • Additional relationship in the semantic view;
  • All services in the technical view are now considered application services;
  • All components in the technical view are now considered DSI components.

Release details

This release consists of the following release components:

Related releases - Cartography Tool (CarTool) v1.0.0

The Cartography Tool brings together high level support for the EIRA as a plug-in for the popular ArchiMate® modelling tool Archi®. It includes both editing features, to model solutions using the EIRA, and querying features to query an EIRA-based Cartography of solutions. Version 1.0.0 of the CarTool marks its first release following successful pilot use and demonstrations to Member State representatives and European Commission officials.

Further comments

If you would like to provide further comments on the EIRA release, you could do so by sending your feedback to and by using the Joinup contact form.

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* Archi® is a registered trademark of Phillip Beauvoir.

The EIA Team, October 2016

[1] GOVIS2 is used to identify other possibly reusable ICT systems/modules of the Commission, implementing the same policy or business needs, e.g. user authentication, exchange of information between MS, interconnection of registries, dissemination of information through Portals, programme management, financial management, etc. It is available under here and the access to GOVIS is subject to rights granted by the organisations/administrations information rights management (IRM).