Does EIRA need a special data source enable for Organisational information?

Published on: 13/02/2015
Last update: 05/10/2017

When communicating across organisations, you sometime need a little but of information about how the recieving organisation is ... organised. 

An intereoperability solution will often rely on a business service for this. In Denmark we call this business service 'Organisation' and has formalised a describtion in both a national cross sector solution architecture template and a API specification.

I have difficulties trying to place this information within the EIRA.  

At the Legal View there might be some legal requirement about exposing some information about your organisation to the public. This can be an entry in a public business register about your main office and address, but might also contain information about all physical places of activity of that one organisation/business. 

At the Technical View I am looking at the Data Source Enablers and find Record Management Service. But I also find some Collaboration Enablers, but nothing in there that really match the 'Organisation' business service. I also find a Service Discovery Service in the Discovery Enables. 

My first idea would be to add a new Collaboration Enabling Service or Discovry Enabling Service. The name could be something like "Organisational Dictionary". In a world with few computers this would be a "Phone Book" or "Organisational Chart (with some contact information and services)".

Any and all comments are most welcome...





EIRA v0.8.3_beta