RQAT v1.1.0

3 years ago

About the Reusability Quick Assessment Toolkit

The Reusability Quick Assessment Toolkit (RQAT) has been developed in the context of the Action “Assessment of Trans-European solutions supporting EU policies” of the ISA2 Programme.

The objective of the RQAT is to allow Solution Owners to assess the Potential Reusability of their software solutions supporting Public Services and it is based on explicitly differentiating between the reusability of Application Components and the consumption of Application Services.


Release details

This release consists of the following release components:

  • Reusability Quick Assessment Tool (Excel File) to be used to calculate the solution’s Reusability Score;
  • Guidelines for solution owners that guide solution owners on how to use the Excel tool and how to interpret the Reusability Score results.
  • Release notes:  short document that contains the description of the release version 1.1 of the Reusability Quick Assessment Toolkit (RQAT).