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eID SAT v1.0.1 Beta Switch to the latest release

6 years ago

A Solution Architecture Template (SAT) is a specification extending the 

EIRA providing support to solution architects in a specific solution domain. A SAT contains a motivation (principles, requirements), a goal and a description of the supported functionalities, a sub-set of the EIRA core Architecture Building Blocks (ABBs) covering the four views, a set of specific ABBs extending EIRA's views enabling specific functionalities to be provided by implementations derived from the SAT and the interoperability specifications of selected ABBs and a narrative for each EIRA view.

The purpose of this SAT is to provide guidance by defining minimal, but holistic (legal, organisational, semantic and technical) interoperability architecture to implement a eID cross border authenticated service. The eID SAT should allow businesses and public administrations to have a common understanding of the most-salient building blocks from the perspective of interoperability.

The benefits of this SAT are the following:

  • Provides architects with a common approach to cope with a specific interoperability challenge. It also places the focus on the key-points you need to consider.
  • An architect can create a solution architecture by mapping existing Solution Building Blocks (SBBs) to an SAT, based on the interoperability specifications that are provided. This is done by providing SBBs for the ABBs identified in the SAT.
  • When an architect creates a SAT, he/she can define the interoperability specifications for the SAT’s ABBs and moreover recommend specific SBBs which produces faster and more interoperable results.
  • A SAT can be created within and across the different views of the EIRA. A SAT can then support architects specialised in different interoperability levels."