SIQAT v1.0.0

1 year ago

The Structural Interoperability Quick Assessment tool supports a short and comprehensive questionnaire to collect information on the digital public service to be assessed, in order to automatically calculate its Structural Interoperability Score.

The SIQAT© release v.1.0.0 comprises the following two components:

  • SIQAT v1.0.0 EU Survey questionnaire: the version of the toolkit on the EU Survey platform to be used by Solution Owners. The EU Survey questionnaire includes the user guidelines section, which gives an introduction to the user, describing the survey structure, how to prepare it and the related benefits. It also includes a section which provides a background on the ISA2 Programme and on the Action related to the SIQAT, giving a deeper understanding of the context. The Survey is divided into two sections, the Reusability and Usability with closed answers.
  • SIQAT v1.0.0 Release notes: this document contains the description of the main features of the SIQAT v1.0.0.