Digital government integration

The European Union Location Framework Blueprint is a guidance framework for 'location-enabling' digital government. The framework is divided into five focus areas. This section presents the focus area “Digital Government Integration”. It outlines a 'current state' assessment and 'future state' vision, and practical recommendations, 'how to' checklists, and best practice references are provided. 

Current state

Location is key to effective public services but location information is not well integrated in digital government processes, resulting in sub-optimal services, incompatible systems and expensive maintenance. Location-related services are often designed and implemented from a provider rather than a user perspective, resulting in services and information that may not be fit for purpose.



Location is well integrated in digital government processing supporting G2G, G2B and G2C interactions, through location related services across government. Users do not have to supply the same mandatory information multiple times. There is visibility of common coordinating and support structures, expert groups and technologies, a strong user voice in the design, evaluation and improvement of location-based services, and good evidence of take-up of services.



Recommendation 6

Identify where digital g overnment services and processes can be modernised and simplified through the application of location-enabled services with location intelligence and implement improvement actions
Recommendation 7 Use INSPIRE and SDI models, data and services for delivering cross-sector and cross-border digital public services to citizens, businesses, government and other parties
Recommendation 8 Adopt an open and collaborative methodology to design and improve digital public services that are location-enabled
Recommendation 9 Adopt an integrated location-based approach in the collection and analysis of statistics on different topics and at different levels of government


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