EULF Best Practice 17

EULF Best Practice 17 - Location-enabled census data in Poland
Country: Poland
Policy domain: Statistics
Process owners: Central Statistical Office of Poland
Short description: In Poland, the Agricultural Census of 2010 and the Housing Census of 2011 were the first censuses that were completely carried out electronically, without use of paper. Enumerators were equipped with hand-held devices with a mobile application for the execution of the census process. The application contained a map module with orthoimagery and a digital map that assisted the enumerator in locating respondents.
Recommendations: Policy and Strategy Alignment (3); Digital Government Integration (7; 8; 9); Standardisation and Reuse (11);
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Nature of documentation: Technical report


Type of document
European Union Public License, Version 1.1 or later (EUPL) 
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