EULF Best Practice 18

EULF Best Practice 18 - Territorial Information System of Navarre: SITNA
Country: Spain
Policy domain: Many different policy areas
Process owners: Government of Navarre
Short description: The Government of Navarre started with the implementation of a government-wide Territorial Information System of Navarre (SITNA), in order to coordinate and integrate all information from different departments. On top of SITNA, a broad set of applications have been developed in the past years to support different public sector processes and services: the identification of agrarian parcels within the Common Agricultural Policy aid system, information provision on the air quality and air pollution levels in Navarre, etc.
Recommendations: Policy and Strategy Alignment (1; 4); Digital Government Integration (6; 7); Standardisation and Reuse (10; 11; 12); Return on Investment (16); Governance, Partnerships and Capabilities (17; 18)

Nature of documentation: Technical report


Type of document
European Union Public License, Version 1.1 or later (EUPL) 
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