EULF Best Practice 27

EULF Best Practice 27 - Quality Assurance Framework of the European Statistical System
Country: Pan-European
Policy domain: Supporting many different
Process owners: EUROSTAT
Short description: The Quality Assurance Framework of the European Statistical System (ESS QAF) is a supporting document aimed at assisting the implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice (CoP). It identifies possible activities, methods and tools that can provide guidance and evidence for the implementation of the indicators of the CoP. A first version of the ESS QAF covering principles 4 and 7 to 15 of the CoP was published in August 2011. Following a revision of the CoP adopted by the European Statistical System Committee (ESSC) on 28th September 2011, the ESS QAF was updated and approved by the Working Group Quality of Statistics in November 2012. The current version (V1.2) emanates from work carried out in 2013-2015 by the ESS Task Force Peer Review who, in order to develop a complete and coherent self-assessment questionnaire, developed a set of methods and procedures to assess compliance for Principles 5 and 6 of the CoP.
Recommendations: Standardisation and Reuse (13);

Nature of documentation: Technical report


Type of document
European Union Public License, Version 1.1 or later (EUPL) 
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