EULF Best Practice 4

EULF Best Practice 4 - What’s in Your Backyard for farmers
Country: United Kingdom
Policy domain: Environment and agriculture
Process owners: Environment Agency
Short description: One of the key applications at the website of the Environment Agency is What’s In Your Backyard (or WIYBY for short). The application provides interactive maps for finding information about the environment: e.g. air pollution, coastal erosion, historic landfills, etc.). A particular application was developed for farmers, to inform them about water bodies in their environment that might be affected by agricultural pollutants.
Recommendations: Policy and Strategy Alignment (1); Digital Government Integration (7); Standardisation and Reuse (11; 12);
EULF Factsheet:

Nature of documentation: Technical report


Type of document
European Union Public License, Version 1.1 or later (EUPL) 
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