EULF Best Practice 8

EULF Best Practice 8 - ‘One solution for all emergency services’ in Poland
Country: Poland
Policy domain: Emergency management
Process owners: Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography, (National) Police, Fire brigades, Emergency services
Short description: The Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography in Poland has developed a geospatial module enhancing the Command Support System of Polish emergency services. This module, the so-called Universal Map Module (UMM), is applicable for all the emergency services and can be integrated in their Command Support Systems in order to deliver “spatial functionality” as a support to their work processes.
Recommendations: Policy and Strategy Alignment (4; 2); Digital Government Integration (7); Governance, Partnerships and Capabilities (16)

Nature of documentation: Technical report


Type of document
European Union Public License, Version 1.1 or later (EUPL) 
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