Policy and strategy alignment

The European Union Location Framework Blueprint is a guidance framework for 'location-enabling' digital government. The framework is divided into five focus areas. This section presents the focus area “Policy and Strategy Alignment”. It outlines a 'current state' assessment and 'future state' vision, and practical recommendations, 'how to' checklists, and best practice references are provided. 

Current state

Location aspects within existing policy and strategic frameworks are often addressed in inconsistent and incompatible ways. This can result in less effective policies, and in duplication of effort and unnecessary costs. Data of suitable quality is not always readily accessible. There are some good examples of simple, consistent licensing and access to open data but there is limited alignment across Member States.



An aligned and coordinated policy and strategic approach across Europe for the use of location information that enables more efficient and effective integration of cross-sector and cross-border location-based applications, reducing costs and increasing social and economic benefit. Public sector location policies promote accessibility and interoperability. There are simple and consistent approaches to licensing, progressive open data policies that balance the needs of data users and suppliers, and authentic registers in which 'location' has a prominent role.



Recommendation 1 Connect location information strategies and digital government strategies in all legal and policy instruments
Recommendation 2 Make location information policy integral to, and aligned with, wider data policy at all levels of government
Recommendation 3 Comply with data protection principles as defined by European and national law when processing location data.
Recommendation 4 Make effective use of location-based analysis for evidence based policy making
Recommendation 5 Use a standards based approach in the procurement of location data and related services in line with broader ICT standards based procurement


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Tue, 17/04/2018 - 13:15

As far as Recommendation 5 is concerned, did you consider requesting to the Multistakeholder platform on ICT standards (see http://ec.europa.eu/growth/industry/policy/ict-standardisation/ict-tech…) that the location specifications would be part of the set of technical specifications selected by the MSP?

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