About Free and open source software

Use and promotion of Free and Open Source Software in public administrations
Free and open source software is more and more used in public administrations as a reference for the eGovernment services and office automation as well. This is made clear, at European level, by the new Open source software strategy of the European Commission, that is based on the following pillars: - equal treatment in procurement; - contribution to open source communities; - clarification on legal aspects hindering the wider use of open source software; - internal production of open source and interoperable software to be published and put at common disposal of the various public administrations in the Union; - transparency and better communication for an improved governance of open source policies. This collection is meant not only to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences among stakeholders interested in the development and spread of open source software, but also to put at the disposal of such stakeholders open source software meant for a wide variety of uses not related to the domains covered by other specific collections in Joinup.


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