Czech BIRD software is the mo…

Czech BIRD software is the most popular route server

Published on: 15/09/2012

EURO-IX, an association of the largest global Internet Exchange Points (IXP), released its annual report, including a listing of the most frequently used route servers in peering centres. The report indicates that the Czech software BIRD is the clear favourite among the Internet Exchange Points in this association: BIRD is used by up to 41% of Exchange Points (15 of 37), and has assumed a place among such resonant brands as Quagga and CISCO. The BIRD routing daemon is one of the first projects from the CZ.NIC Laboratories, the research and development centre of the administrator of the Czech national domain – the CZ.NIC Association.

“All of us working on the project are very pleased with this position. Further proof of the quality of our BIRD software is the fact that three of largest peering centres in Europe currently use it as a route server – the Frankfurt DE-CIX, London LINX and Amsterdam AMS-IX. In addition to these centres, our software is also used by the American PAIX and the Moscow MSK-IX. Thanks to its use in many Internet Exchange Points, we can say that a large number of packets on today’s global Internet find their destination thanks to our BIRD software,” said Ondřej Filip, the executive director of the CZ.NIC Association. “Colleagues from the English LINX gave the BIRD daemon their LINX Awards in 2010. This award is given once a year to an individual or organisation that has made a substantial contribution to the development of LINX or the entire system of exchanges.”

The open-source routing daemon BIRD was created at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University as the seminar work of three students from the Department of Informatics. Ondřej Filip is one of the founders of the BIRD project. Major development in the project came more than two years ago when BIRD became one of the first activities of the CZ.NIC Laboratories – the CZ.NIC Association’s research and development centre.